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Working from home, also known as “home office,” has become a reality for many people who do not have the experience and the right tools to do such work! We can help you with that!

In order for work to run smoothly from home, the following needs will be given priority:

- Video conferencing should be set up easily with customers and co-workers, as this makes communication more personal and efficient!

- Some projects should involve third parties, subcontractors, but they cannot / want to install software unknown to them.

- It would be good to chat with colleagues, but it would not be good to confuse private and corporate conversations

- There is a lot of noise, the children are at home, we can't hear each other with my colleagues

- We want to keep new information about ongoing projects and other corporate things up to date and visible to all colleagues

- Questionnaires and surveys should be sent to my customers

- A presentation or lecture should be given to many people


Jabra / EPOS-Sennheiser / SNOM headphones sold by our company provide a solution to the above and many other things. Contact us for technical questions and our stock!




The number of phone calls, video calls, and video conferences is now many times higher than usual at most companies, and they have to be done while sitting in our homes. To help you, we would now like to summarize the advantages of using a headset over a microphone and speaker built into laptops:


  • In a noisy home environment , the noise-canceling microphone filters out noise so that the other party cannot hear it.

  • In a noisy home environment, noises can disturb the home worker himself. There are headphones that cover the entire ear and filter them out. But even if we don't use one, the sound comes more directly, we can pay more attention to the communication.

  • While working and making phone calls, it can be an advantage to be able to move while both hands are free , this is solved with a wireless headset.

  • In general, the sound quality of the headset microphone is better than that of the laptop's built-in microphone, so the experience is better on the other side.

  • When working from home, the family is not bothered by the laptop speaker, only we hear the other party.

  • If you need to turn up the laptop a lot, it is echoing on the other side, the experience can be bad, the headset provides a solution for this as well.

  • During a conference call, the quality and noise problems are exaggerated for many participants, and the conversation can become quite unenjoyable.

  • An interesting category is the multifunction headset, which can be connected to both a computer and a mobile phone at the same time, so that wherever a call comes in, it can always be answered on the same device.

  • If someone may have a desktop computer at home and are now forced to work on it, the microphone may not be there.


If any aspect is present in your environment, we recommend using a headset!


Best regards:



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